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Our vision is to create beautiful architecture where the site and building merge so that you can no longer imagine one without the other

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Our History

Design Engine is an award-winning partnership founded by Richard Jobson, Richard Rose-Casemore and Rodney Graham. Established in 2000, our Winchester-based studio has been sculpting award-winning, dynamic architecture in the education, business, public and private sectors, with projects in local, national and international arenas.

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Our Studio

In order to harness the energy and enthusiasm of our team, and to ensure individual knowledge becomes a collective one, we have deliberately grown a ‘studio’ rather than an ‘office’ culture. Within the studio we happily mix computers with models, and drawings with samples and full size mock-ups.

Meet the PEOPLE

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Every Friday, in the last hour of the working day, we lay down our tools, gather together with wine and share a particular experience. It is loosely educational, undoubtedly sociable and moulds the culture of the practice.

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