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Celebrating our talented graduates

3 July 2023

We are delighted to share news of some significant academic achievements by our graduates.

Eloise Collier, Kyle Stone and Jenny Lee have each received nominations or awards to recognise their university work. We take a look at a some highlights from their projects below.

Eloise Collier, Oxford Brookes University

Eloise Collier

Awards: The Ackroyd Lowrie Prize for most innovative project; RIBA South Student Award for All Round Excellence; RIBA Silver Presidents Medal Nominee; The AJ Student Prize Nominee; The 3D Reid Award Nominee

Project Name: Captured and Consumed: S-CAM Station

York Road Station exterior view, by Eloise Collier
York Road Station exterior view, by Eloise Collier

Today’s generation is more climate conscious than ever, but we’ve grown accustomed to having bigger, better, now. Train stations have become the new shopping meccas, hosting commuters on the continual grind.  Our lives are commercial art, every moment captured and commodified. The high-rise allows developers to capitalise on the connectivity of the iconic abandoned station. As we chase popularity through cycles of trends, humans produce themselves as a waste product. Our lives online are pixelated, obscuring the absence of true craftsmanship. The tower performs as a stage presenting the perfect backdrop – when the angle is right. 

Kyle Stone, University of Plymouth

Kyle Stone

Awards: RIBA Silver Presidents Medal Nominee

Project: Tracing Thresholds; Landscape Production

Tracing Thresholds: Landscape Production, by Kyle Stone

Tuti Island, located in the Nile River Basin, faces cultural insecurity due to urban development and a lack of dialogue among communities dependent on the water. The Cultural Thresholds brief aims to integrate stakeholders and their agendas to design interventions on the island. The Tuti Haddam Centre intervention plays a key role exploring building techniques and materials that respond to environmental challenges. By creating threshold conditions within the agricultural landscape, the intervention promotes recognition and preserve intergenerational knowledge tied to natural clay and palm. This strengthens cultural security, fostering dialogue between self and other.

Jenny Lee, Oxford Brookes University

Jenny Lee

Awards: The Architecture Today Student Prize Nominee

Project: The regeneration of Fleetwood Hospital

Fleetwood Hospital Exterior View, by Jenny Lee
Fleetwood Hospital Interior View, by Jenny Lee

The Architecture Today Student Prize is awarded to the best student project that tackles the challenge of adapting an existing building. This project looks at regenerating the Fleetwood Hospital, located 40 miles north of Blackpool, which was made redundant in 2009. The proposal introduces a new function and makes necessary adaptions to transform it into a community asset, whilst respecting the building’s values and improving the sustainability of the site.  

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