Eloise Reeves

Eloise Reeves \ Architectural Graduate

Eloise joined Design Engine in the summer of 2019 after completing a BA Hons in Architecture RIBA Part 1 from the Oxford School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes, during which she interned at Design engine in her first and second years.

In her final year of her degree, Eloise was awarded the Riach Architects Prize for best undergraduate dissertation, wherein she decrypted the perception and manipulation of electro communication within electromagnetic ‘Hertzian Space’.

Her work within the building works unit in her final year explored the culture within Donegal, Ireland, designing a remote cultural conservation centre fostering community pride and regeneration of the dramatic Gaeltacht lakeside site. The project won the Leslie Jones Prize awarded for the greatest ability in construction in the comprehensive design project BA Hons in Architecture, as well as being long listed for RIBA Bronze Award.