Winton Chapel \ University of Winchester


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Winton Chapel \ University of Winchester

A renovation and extension of the University’s Victorian Chapel to commemorate their 175th anniversary.

Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts \ Poole

A series of strategic interventions breathe new life into Dorset arts complex.

Hardwick Hall Park \ Durham

A new visitor interpretation centre provides a welcome departure from the generic.

Performing Arts Studios \ University of Winchester

A robust environment which promotes creative freedom for the users.

Cricoteka \ Poland

The process of dying, the functioning of memory, the act of creation, the fate of the artist and of the work of art.

Hill Close Gardens \ Warwick

A visitor and resource centre set within the historically significant Hill Close Gardens in central Warwick.

Gdansk Theatre \ Poland

A new interpretation of the Elizabethan Theatre.

John Stripe Lecture Theatre \ University of Winchester

A radical transformation of the most unpromising 1970’s campus architecture.

Avenham Park Pavilion \ Preston

An ambition to enrich the users experience of the park with this pavilion.

Linz Theatre of Music \ Austria

A gateway to the city with a visually continuous open space and a new landmark on the city skyline.

Art Box \ Global

Encouraging our enjoyment of the Visual and Performing Arts by involving a wider audience