Oxford Brookes Masterplan \ Wheatley


Viewing projects from Masterplanning

Oxford Brookes Masterplan \ Wheatley

Careful stitching of old and new infrastructure and facilities.

London Metropolitan University Masterplan \ Holloway

The creation of a more inviting and permeable campus with better located space across the University.

Cedar Park Masterplan \ Enham Alamein

A centre of excellence to support people with acquired brain injuries, complex and extra care needs.

AUB Masterplan \ Arts University Bournemouth

A long term vision for the University and it’s future expansion.

Oxford Brookes Masterplan \ Headington

The multi-award winning transformation of OBU’s Gypsy Lane campus in Headington.

Downe House Masterplan \ Berkshire

A campus masterplan for this prestigious Girls’ School in Cold Ash.

UOW Masterplan \ University of Winchester

A vision for the University to evolve over the next ten years to reflects it’s academic achievements and future aspirations.

Charterhouse Masterplan \ Godalming

Reverting to a pedestrian friendly campus, with clear wayfinding, concealed parking, and discreet site management.

Roseville Masterplan \ Guernsey

Set into a granite hillside overlooking the sea, this scheme is arranged on existing natural contours.

Redbridge Masterplan \ Southampton

A dense living zone of clustered dwellings designed on a modern interpretation of the typology of the English farmstead.

Peter Symonds Masterplan \ Winchester

A visionary campus masterplan for one of the UK’s leading Colleges, showing considered phases of development over time.

Testwood Park Masterplan \ Totton

Creating permeability across the site and Integration of the new buildings into the setting.

Guildhall Masterplan \ Winchester

A masterplan which looked to consolidate new council offices with the Guildhall complex, with much-needed new housing as a complementary ingredient.