Charterhouse Science & Maths \ Godalming
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Charterhouse Science & Maths \ Godalming

Three steeply pitched roofs aid the internal, functional requirements of the labs as well as providing a focal point to the vista.

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Charterhouse School
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1800 m2

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Structural Engineer
Heyne Tillet Steel
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John Ahern
Fire Consultant
Acoustic Consultant
Sustainable Acoustics
Central courtyard to the Charterhouse Science & Mathematics

Charterhouse Science & Mathematics Centre

Following our original competition win in 2010, the updated scheme for the new Charterhouse Science and Mathematics Centre was submitted for planning approval in October 2015. The School’s aim is to provide pupils with the best facilities of any school in the UK and revolutionise the way these subjects are taught at Charterhouse.

The new centre will provide:

  • 50% more space overall
  • A flexible and modern environment of the highest quality
  • The co-location of Science and Mathematics for the first time, fostering inter- and intra-departmental collaboration based around a shared hub where pupils can meet, interact and access resources
  • A Lecture Theatre with retractable seating and the latest audio-visual aids capable of hosting lectures, science demonstrations and other School events.

The site lies towards the North Eastern edge of the campus. Characterised by the historic architecture and setting, the buildings here are predominately Gothic Revival / Neo-Gothic in nature, dating back to the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Our scheme, featuring three steeply pitched roofs, representing the 6 Chemistry Labs below, creates a subtle but important architectural link between the original campus which is heavily reliant on these forms, largely designed by the Architect Philip Charles Hardwick.

Not only does this roof articulate a building form which is contextually appropriate, but also provides a focal point to the vista from the primary entrance to the school on Prince’s Drive, as well as providing the appropriate form to deal with the internal and functional requirements of the Chemistry Labs within.

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