Parkway Bridge \ Sheffield
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Parkway Bridge \ Sheffield

A ‘slingshot’ form creates a unique and memorable experience for users and provides sufficient airspace over the road.

Design Engine Parkway Bridge Sketch

Parkway Bridge

The design is a conscious response to different natures and needs of the bridge’s users, and emerges from the site in a very natural way. The ‘slingshot’ form of the bridge is a product of a combination of working with the existing levels, the need to provide sufficient airspace over the road and to offer people using the bridge a unique and memorable experience as they pass from one to the other side.

The bridge is made from two principle elements; the main steel deck and the single steel mast. The mast is placed asymmetrically to avoid locating a primary element in the centre of the dual carriage way and also to facilitate the construction methodology of the bridge.

Design Engine Parkway Bridge SketchDesign Engine Parkway Bridge Visual of Light ShadowsDesign Engine Parkway Bridge VisualDesign Engine Parkway Bridge Visual