Office Barn Visual 01

Sustainable Office Barn

Private Company

Meeting a Client’s aspiration for a rural workplace with the highest environmental credentials

Design Engine Architects have been commissioned to design a modest workplace for a growing private consultancy in rural Hampshire. The building is a demonstration of the expertise and techniques adopted by both companies in the integrated design of passive low-energy buildings.

Office Barn Sustainability Diagram

The Setting

The rural setting amongst timber-clad barns necessitates a sensitive design approach.

The recognisable form of the proposed office will be simple, yet refined, mirroring the pitched roof forms of barns in the immediate area. The two-storey pitched roof building sits comfortably within the context of the existing barns and the proposed buildings’ ridge height will match that of the adjacent barn. An overhang of the upper floor provides a datum that directly references the eaves level on the existing barn.

External cladding speaks to the existing barns with vertical timber boards, with a changing rhythm across the opening windows.

Office Barn Visual and material pallette

Internal Working Environment

The floor plan is organised to offer the highest degree of flexibility, from open plan to cellular accommodation. Benefitting from natural ventilation, consistent daylight and wonderful views, the workplace will meet the highest expectations.

Office Barn Floor Plans
Office Site Plan
Office Barn Visual 02