Design Engine Warley Reservoir

Warley Reservoir Conversion

Essex and Suffolk Water Pumping Station
Completed 2008

The character of the industrial past is complemented by ‘light-touch’ new architecture.

Design Engine secured planning consent for the redundant Essex and Suffolk Water Pumping Station at Great Warley, Essex in September 2006. The site falls within the Green Belt and consists of two semi-subterranean reservoirs and four pump house buildings. The buildings have each been converted sympathetically to form a creative office environment, where the character of the industrial past will be complemented by ‘light-touch’ new architecture.

The flagship building is the converted reservoirs, which offer open plan floors and good views through a new curtain wall to an enclosed courtyard. Daylight is received via generous rooflights, whilst being concealed from view by a grassed earth bund on four sides. The scheme has adopted a progressive agenda with regard to environmental design. The complex is being constructed under the Client’s own Construction Management.

Design Engine Warley ReservoirDesign Engine Warley Reservoir
Design Engine Warley Reservoir