AUB Masterplan

Arts University Bournemouth
Completed 2014

A long term vision for the University and it’s future expansion

In December 2012 the former Arts University College of Bournemouth was awarded full University title, becoming the ‘Arts University Bournemouth’ (AUB). Since then AUB Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Stuart Bartholomew has been leading the client team in the development of a long-term masterplan vision alongside Design Engine Architects.

Setting out to re-imagine a campus for the creative industries, Prof. Bartholomew’s brief was to develop a built environment which would reflect the creative expression and energy within the teaching programmes and embody the values of the university: do what you love and amazing things can happen.

The nature of the creative courses taught at the University and its compact, close-knit campus combine to create a unique character different to that of other Universities. It is a very engaging campus where students of all disciplines mix in spaces which results in collaborative working and sharing of knowledge and skills. This leads to more rounded students as well as a constant buzz of energy around the campus. Retaining this unique character has been a key driver in the evolution of the design principles of the masterplan. Other principles include:

  • The building and spaces of the existing campus are modest.
  • There is a need for better social learning space at the University.
  • There is strong demand for University managed accommodation with demand outstripping supply.
  • Reduction in the impact of traffic movements within the campus.
  • A strong, consistent landscaped boundary.

In terms of growth in student numbers, AUB anticipates that the phased implementation of the proposal will provide capacity for an additional 1,000 students and approximately 70 additional members of staff over the next 10 years.

Design Engine Arts University Bournemouth Masterplan Sketch
Design Engine Arts University Bournemouth Model