Our Service

Our Service

Quality design and professional delivery are the seamless strands of our service

What We Do

We design from large scale masterplans to small scale interiors with architecture at the centre

Since 2000, our Winchester-based studio has been sculpting award-winning, dynamic architecture in the education, business, public and private sectors, with projects in local, national and international arenas. Our signature lies not in formulae or style, but in unique high-quality design and technical resolution, where intensive research leads to responsible innovation.

We are challenging in our approach, believing that the potential for quality lies behind every unpromising beginning. So we do not always need big budgets to achieve big results, and we often exceed our clients’ expectations by achieving striking architecture from modest budgets. The professional delivery of our projects is important to us; so we monitor the quality and service of construction up to and beyond occupation.


With our understanding of materials, and experience with the reality of making buildings, we create robust architecture that matures with dignity.


We enjoy breathing life and dignity back to forgotten or mis-used buildings and spaces.


Wherever possible our designs integrate architecture with landscape in order to capitalise on the symbiotic relationships between the flora, fauna, people and building.


Our bridge designs in particular display a very pure fusion of structure and architecture, with strong sculpture and geometrical qualities.

Interior Design

We often design the interiors of our own new buildings, but also enjoy breathing new life into existing spaces and places.

Campus Design

Our buildings demonstrate how flexible accommodation, easy way-finding, environmental control and quality external space all benefit the teaching, learning and social development experience.


Our buildings should speak for themselves in terms of navigation and use, but clear wayfinding can also help orientation.


The masterplan is a living document which describes a framework for development.

Working With You

Design Engine makes you think, and feel part of your project

We believe in a design approach we call ‘Design by Dialogue’. This can involve one-to-one briefing or wider presentations but involves close consultation with all stakeholders of a project along the way so that they feel part of the process and a sense of ownership.

Our Process

We always have the eventual user in mind

Our buildings must provide a continual source of enjoyment whilst achieving functionality at all levels. So throughout the design and construction process we always have the eventual users in mind, as well as the building’s impact on the public realm.

The aim of design is to achieve clarity from a complex set of issues. By understanding the aspirations of the client and extracting the essence from the brief we deliver buildings which exceeded expectations, whilst offering consistency in approach and variety in execution.


We establish clear communication with the client and stimulate discussion. We listen to the client’s aspirations and develop the brief with them. The aim is to understand the essence of the site and brief and identify the unique characteristics and needs.

  • Establish clear communication.
  • Understand the essence of the site and brief.
  • Develop the brief with the client.


Complex issues can be simplified with metaphor and the underlying logic of the site and brief is pursued and understood. Radical proposals are used to stimulate debate and focus minds.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Complex issues simplified with metaphors.
  • Sketches, modelmaking & CAD Drawings.


A chance to challenge conventions and explore the unexpected through rigorous thought process and analysis. Inspiration is sought from outside the realm of architecture to reach beyond simple functionality.

  • Cost v Value is always considered.
  • Team Integration.
  • Sketches, modelmaking & CAD Drawings.


We never rush to early conclusions so to allow for serendipitous discovery. We constantly check that priorities are aligning with our sustainability standards as well as analysing any cultural concerns of the site and brief.

  • Thoughtful application of new technologies and age old passive measures.
  • Serendipitous discovery
  • Sketches, modelmaking & CAD Drawings.


Our experience has taught us that clear communication and co-ordination with contractors and specialists allows for an efficient and enjoyable construction experience.

  • Effective management and quality control.
  • Sustainability in design and function.
  • Delivery of final outcome.


Our quality assurance ensures the delivery retains the ambitions of its conception but we like to reflect on our projects as there are always lessons to be learnt.

  • Quality Assurance checks.
  • Functionality and Enjoyability.
  • Reflection

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